Food for Community Fridges!

❤️ AS OF 6/27/24, 111 DONORS HAVE HELPED US DONATE 7,067 MEALS!! ❤️

Every week, we deliver an assortment of meals to one or more of the community fridges around New York City. These community fridges are located in public spaces around the city and are available for anybody who is hungry and needs food. (There is no delivery charge for these donated servings.)

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Please consider a recurring donation to help us help the community every week!

In addition to the meals donated by our customers and community, NYC Cooking Club donates a meal for every 10 meals bought each week.   

Please note: We are not a 501(c)(3)

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Delivery to community fridges donated by our partner:

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We're so grateful to everyone who has donated to the fridges!

Adnan B, Aileen C, Alex G, Alison P, Allison B, Allison F, Amy J, Ana C, Angela S, Anna M, Annie A, Barbara Jo, Becky R, Brett S, Carl M, Cathleen O, Christine B, Claire M, Dan J, Danielle H, Dave L, David C, David M, Denise D, Eddie J, Edwin V, Eleanor M, Elissa B, Emily M, Emily R, Emma C, Erica O, Georgy M, Gianna C, Happy M, Heidi T, Helene B, Hollis S, Itai S, Jake B, Jared L, Jillian M, Joe T, Joseph D, Joseph M, Josh F, Joyce D, Judy J, Julie H, Kadi R, Karen R, Kate F, Keely G, Kelly Jean F, Kevin M, Kirsten S, Laca T, Laura J, Linda P, Linda S, Lisa C, Madeline B, Margot R, Maria C, Marina F, Mark G, Marsha A, Mary P, Marzena T, Matt S, Melanie L, Melissa H, Melissa S, Michael S, Mike W, Nancy F, Nathan G, Nicole C, Nicole J, Nicole W, Owen P, Pamela I, Randi Y, Raven, Roberta P, Rosanda B, RoseAnn H, Rosemary F, Sandra S, Seth S, Shahnaz K, Shannon R, Sonya J, Stacey C, Stephanie H, Steve B, Susan R, Terry A, Theresa F, Tracey D, Trevor L, Tyler D

Where we donate:

Brooklyn Heights Fridge 
Chelsea Fridge 
Cooper Park Community Fridge 
East Village Neighbors Fridge 
Greenpoint Fridge 
Harlem Community Fridge 
Help USA in Hollis
Loisada Community Fridge
Music Hall Fridge 
Nexus Community Fridge 
Ravenswood Fridge
The Fridge at the Fort 
The Heights Friendly Fridge 
Ujamaa Community Fridge

(check out this map of dozens of community fridges around the city!)

If you live near a fridge and would be willing and able to make donations for us if we send you the food, please contact us at