November 2023 Updates

Hi NYC Cooking Club friends! 🧑‍🍳

We've been meaning to launch a blog for awhile and just had an "a ha!" moment that it could be helpful to post all the updates we put in our latest email here on our site! Still figuring out what else we'll put here... recipes, meal prepping tips, kitchen gear suggestions... but, for now, here are some exciting updates! :) (Got ideas for blog posts? Email us here!)

 🚛 Delivery Delight: Lowered Fees and Free Delivery Thresholds

Good news for your stomach and your wallet – we've slashed our delivery fee to a more wallet-friendly $9.99.

Plus, we've lowered the threshold for free delivery to $100! (Don’t forget, if you’re close to $100 and have enough food chosen for the week, you can always add a donation or two to hit that minimum!)

🐣 Early Bird Discount

You can also save money with our Early Bird discount! Order by Saturday night at midnight for the following week and get an automatic $10 off your order of $50+. 

🌱Plant-Powered Goodness: Welcome JaziLupini Pasta! 🌱

 We’ve been slowly switching the pasta in all our dishes to one pasta and we're jazzed to introduce JaziLupini Pasta: it's gluten-free, high-protein, and low-carb – made from magical lupini beans. Trust us: your taste buds and your goals will thank you!

Not only are we using the pasta in dishes like Chili Mac and Bolognese… we’ve developed a slate of pasta salads that enable us to offer more high-protein vegetarian options – we’ve got one on the menu every week!

 We’ll also be selling the pasta on its own very soon so you can use it in your own home cooking.🍝

 🍰 Moar Partners!

In addition to JaziLupini, we’ve expanding our Marketplace of local food companies and are excited to introduce you to Harlem Baking Company (delicious, indulgent, jarred desserts), Bake Me Healthy (vegan, gluten-free, nut-free and top 9 allergen free baking mixes) and Culiraw (guilt-free, diary-free vegan cheesecake). These great companies join The Soup Lady (on hiatus right now, but coming back soon!) and Eltee’s Goods Tommy Jams.

 🌶 Spice Up Your Life: Underwood Ranches Sauces 🔥

This doesn’t quite fit with our local NYC Marketplace, but, we couldn’t resist. We’ve been having a helluva time finding Sriracha and Chili Garlic Sauce for some of our recipes — but we finally found some! And we want to help if you’ve been having trouble, too. While it's not the elusive Huy Fong, we've sourced the next best thing – Underwood Ranches sauces. They actually used to supply Huy Fong with their fiery red jalapenos and we think they’re the next best thing.

 ❤️As always, we're here to take meal prep off your plate and get you time back in your life along with delicious, high-protein food. If you have any questions, hit us up – we love hearing from you.

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