It's Giving Tuesday and we're so grateful to the 107 donors who have helped us donate almost 6,000 meals!! ūü•į
community fridge in NYC with NYC Cooking Club food in it

This Giving Tuesday, NYC Cooking Club is celebrating a significant milestone in our mission to combat hunger -- and also honoring the collective spirit of generosity that has fueled this journey. Since October 2021, we've donated 5,758 portions of food to community fridges across New York City, a feat made possible through the support of our 107 remarkable donors and every single person who orders from us (remember, for every 10 meals purchased by our customersevery week, we donate a meal).

Today, we set our sights on a new goal: reaching 6,000 meals donated, a testament to the power of community collaboration in tackling food insecurity.

Thank you to our donors!

At the heart of NYC Cooking Club's mission lies a sense of community. Our initiative to donate a meal for every 10 meals purchased complements the direct contributions of 107 dedicated donors. These individuals exemplify the spirit of giving, demonstrating that every act of kindness, no matter the size, contributes to a larger cause of fighting hunger in New York City.

A New Milestone Within Reach

As we approach our next target of 6,000 donated meals, we celebrate this shared victory with our donors and customers. Each meal donated is a symbol of hope and a step towards alleviating food insecurity. We know we're only making a small dent in this huge problem, but, we are proud of every bit that we can help.

Please join us in our ongoing effort

Giving Tuesday is more than a day; it's a movement that emobodies the essence of generosity and mutual support. Here's how you can help:

‚̧ԳŹ **Direct Meal Donations**: Visit our donation page and be part of the change in NYC. Stretch your donation even further with a recurring donation -- today, use the discount code GIVINGTUESDAY for 20% off recurring donations. This brings the cost to you for each meal to $6.40.

‚̧ԳŹ **Amplify Our Message**: Use your social platforms to spread the word about our collective fight against hunger in New York City.

Our Pledge: Continued Dedication to Hunger Relief

NYC Cooking Club remains steadfast in our commitment to fighting hunger. We're grateful for the support of our community and inspired by what we can achieve together. Every meal, every donation, and every share brings us closer to a city where hunger is no longer a daily struggle.

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