Our Story

Lisa Spodak (she/her) and Nick Favia (he/him) both love to entertain and bring people together. Ironically, neither really likes to cook or considers themselves a great cook. But Cooking Club is all about figuring out how to eat healthily whether or not you like to cook! Some people love to cook and teach us all tricks. Some people like to come and just do dishes (yes, really!) And for everyone else… can we distract you with fun and shenanigans so you don’t notice you’re cooking? If that’s not enough, we’ll just bring the food to you!


About Lisa

Lisa started Cooking Club in October 2013. It began with a Facebook post in a Mark Fisher Fitness group inviting people who were overwhelmed at the thought of cooking to meet their macro needs to come together and get it done. Three strangers showed up to her apartment and went home with high-protein options to get them through the week. Seven years later, Cooking Club has a Facebook group with 900+ members, has seen hundreds of people come together to cook, and is delivering food to approximately 20 people a week. Over the years, Lisa managed all aspects of Cooking Club. She likes to say that her super power is adding protein to any recipe and making it super simple to make. 

About Nick

Nick joined the Cooking Club team in 2020. He’s a small business owner with an Acupuncture practice and experience in the food industry. Nick is an innovator. He loves coming up with new recipes and changing old ones to keep them fresh and keep customers interested. Nick was also the catalyst to convince Lisa to revive Cooking Club after it was dormant for 6 months due to the pandemic and focus solely on home delivery.